Summer books

IMG_0005It’s still only May but the temperatures for the last few days have equalled those of the height of summer. Fortunately I got to spend a few days by the sea, lying on a warm rock in the sun, eating (imported) raspberries and reading.

With summer thus officially here it is time to collect my summer reading. Most important is The Summer Book (Sommarboken) by Tove Jansson. In a series of loosely connected episodes we follow a young girl and an old grandmother through a summer on an island in the Finnish archipelago. Often funny and always down to earth, it paints a beautiful but melancholy picture of life and summers. I try to re-read it every summer.

If one book by Tove Jansson is not enough I’m happy to continue with Finn Family Moomintroll (Trollkarlens hatt) which follows the summer adventures of the Moomin family.

Otherwise my summer reading tend to be dominated by lazy reads. Battered copies of cosy crime novels (mostly Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers), suitable for reading in the shadow under a tree or during a long journey.

Best combined with: Ice-cold elderflower cordial and fresh, sun-warmed, berries.

A review of “The summer book” can be found here

13 thoughts on “Summer books

  1. I too LOVE The Summer Book and am loving re-reading the Momin books to my kids, 40 years after they first magically transported to somewhere/something ‘other’. I would suggest that “Moominsummer Madness”, whilst not one of my favourites; mirrors quite a few scenes and themes from The wonderful wonderful Summer Book.


      1. I’ve just read your review of November in Moomin Valley and it led me back here. I wanted to write a review of The Summer Book, and like you with November in Moomin Valley, it didn’t work out quite as planned. It is not really a review; more a homage (bit – very – presumptuous of me)- although I do mention it, and how I read it four times in a row, if you see what I mean. I hope you don’t mind me linking to it here (sorry if you do)

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