Progress report

Map showing the author's country of origin for the books I've read in 2018Map showing author’s country of origin for the books I have read during the first eight months of 2018.

Autumn is here, another third of the year has gone, and I believe it is time for another progress report on my reading and my reading challenges.

So far I have read 86 books in 2018, by 47 women and 35 men (and four anthologies). I have read books from eighteen decades and by authors from twenty-three countries. All-in-all I’m having an excellent reading year.

Reading challenges for 2018

Finish the unfinished 30-20-20-10 challenge from 2017 (done)

Read 12 books from countries I read no more than 1 book from in 2017 (done, 19/12 read)

Some highlights:

For simplicity all countries listed are the author’s country of birth (as far as I could tell).

Read and blog about at least 12 books from my Classics club reading list

I’m slightly behind on this challenge. So far I have only read seven books from my Classics Club list, bringing me up to a total of 12 out of 50 since my start in October 2017.

The classics from my list that I have finished are:

I also joined the Back to the classics reading challenge

Here the goal was to read classics corresponding to different categories. I have now read books for nine of the twelve categories and reviewed eight of them.

Read at least as many of my unread books (including new books) as I buy in 2018

I knew that this one would be the worst of this years challenges and yes, I am falling behind. Only by three books so far though so there is hope that I might catch-up before the end of the year.

How’s your reading coming along? Are you also having a good reading year?


10 thoughts on “Progress report

  1. Soviet Milk and Shadows on the Tundra both sound really interesting – I don’t have any Balkan writers in my women’s library yet and these look like good books to check out. This list is also a good reminder to me to look for Ricarda Huch. Great list so far for the year!

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    1. Thanks! Soviet Milk and Shadows on the Tundra are both bleak but very good. Shadows on the Tundra may also fit your library criteria (Soviet Milk is more recent). I haven’t read much Baltic literature apart from these but Agnese published a beginner’s guide if you want more inspiration

      The Last Summer is the only thing I’ve read by Ricarda Huch but that one I really recommend!

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  2. Oh my goodness! You are the most amazing reader, not just quantity but the breadth is inspiring! I see I’ve missed your review of Midnights Children so must go and have a look. The Adichie is good isn’t it? Also love your map!

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    1. Thank you! I must admit though that about half of it are golden-age crime fiction and similarly easy reads which I rarely bother to review. That’s how I re-charge my reading courage after any more demanding reads.

      The Adichie novel is great! I was a bit scared of the length to begin with but it was so good that I finished it in just a few days (having summer vacation helped).

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  3. A little slower than normal but reviewed sixty two books so far so not to bad think I may hit hundred but a few epic books the last knausgaard is 1150 pages and the uwe Johnson coming in October is 2000 pages so I may take awhile with these two

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  4. Wow! That is a lot of challenges!!! But it seems like you have them all under control, good for you! The only challenge I do is the goodreads challenge and my goal is to read 75 books and I have read 58! So I am 6 books ahead of schedule 😀

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    1. There’s a lot of overlap between the challenges, I mostly do them for the company and to motivate myself to post reviews. But I do find that they help me push myself a bit with my reading.

      Good luck with your challenge, sounds like you have it under control too!

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