November reading


In October I finished another novel from my Classics club reading list, Moominvalley in November by Tove Jansson. All I had left to do was to write a review, ideally post it during November considering its theme, and go on to other novels. Unfortunately I got stuck, November is already gone, and I still haven’t written that review.

It was not really writing the review that was the problem, I just had too much other things going on, but by now I think that the wisest course of action is to write something, anything, and move on.

So what can I say about it? Well, it was good, melancholy and beautiful, like Jansson almost always is. It is the last books about the Moomins and the Moomin family is not at home. Instead we meet some of the supporting cast from the other books, people who have all come to depend on the Moomin family’s presence and struggle to fill the void on their own.

All the Moomin books can be enjoyed by both adults and children but this one may be especially relevant for adults. I really liked it and do recommend it, but only if you have read most of the other Moomin books first, as it also act as a  farewell to Moomin valley.

13 thoughts on “November reading

    1. I’ve probably read most of the Moomin books in the wrong order and although chronologically makes more sense I haven’t found it to matter much for most of them. However, I wish I had read the last two in the right order, I suspect it does make more of a difference for those two. I still haven’t read Moominpappa at Sea (it is the only one I have left), which apparently explains why the Moomins are not at home in the final one.

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  1. Sometimes just writing a few lines instead of a full review can be very refreshing and still tells readers all they need to know about the book as well! This was a great short review 🙂 I like how it seems to be based around the effect that a person or family can have.

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    1. You are right. I have been thinking of doing more micro-reviews where I collect a few short reviews into one post rather than making one long post about a single book. That might help for books I want to share but don’t have a lot to say about.

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