Closing the books – 2018 edition

World map
The geographical distribution (author’s country of birth) of my 2018 reading. (Guide on how to make this type of maps).

A new year has begun which means that I once again get to play around with pretty maps and charts in an effort to illustrate my 2018 reading.

In total I finished 118 books in 2018 (99 in 2017), 57% of them written by women. Books by authors from UK (46), US (17) and Sweden (16) dominated my reading but I managed to read books written by authors from 27 countries (21 in 2017) which I am really happy about. I am especially pleased that reading books from a variety of countries has gone from feeling like an obligation to being something I really enjoy. Overall I have had an excellent reading year with plenty of reading time and have discovered several excellent new authors and novels.

As I read much more than I review, many excellent reads have gone unmentioned on this blog, but I don’t want them to be completely forgotten. So here comes some honourable mentions from my 2018 reading. Links to the blogger who recommended them where applicable.

These are all highly recommended reads!

The temporal distribution of my 2018 reading (each book sorted by the year of its first publication).

I have also gotten much better at blogging this year and the number of blog posts I have written in 2018 (36) is more than double the amount I wrote in 2017 (16).

Most visited blog posts in 2018

  1. Mapping your reading
  2. Spending time on the Russian countryside
  3. A selection of brilliant books

I started this blog so I could discuss books with other book lovers and make some blogging friends. I am very happy with how that has worked out. I am grateful every time any of you take the time to read, comment and like my posts! Happy reading year everyone!


6 thoughts on “Closing the books – 2018 edition

  1. I have really enjoyed following your posts this last year, thank you, and also thank you for having introduced me authors newish to me—notably Tove Jansson—some of whom I hope to follow up in due course. Thanks for the link to my post and the links to other sites which I look forward to exploring!

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    1. Thank you, I really enjoy your posts too! You introduced me to Joan Aiken so I guess we are even 🙂 I hope to read more of her novels next year (and then go back and re-read some of your discussions on them).

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