My family and other animals


I must say that the reading year starts well, I am only four books in and have already discovered a new favourite. My Family and Other Animals, Gerald Durrell’s memoir of his childhood on Corfu, is full of fun anecdotes, beautiful descriptions, and lots and lots of animals.

According to the memoir Gerald “Gerry” Durrell, youngest of four siblings, grew up in Corfu as the youngest son in a loving but chaotic family. Gerald himself appears to have greatly contributed to the general chaos by his interest in everything living and a somewhat inconvenient habit of bringing various animals home. I have great sympathy for young naturalists, and Durrell writes about his observations with an infectious enthusiasm, but there were a few times when I sided with his family. The chaos he created provides many great anecdotes though, so I am grateful.

I am normally not a fan of too humorous books but this one won me over completely. There were plenty of comic scenes but the comedy never felt forced. Highly recommended to anyone who loves amusing anecdotes and/or animals!

I’m counting this novel as my 20th century classic for the Back to the classics reading challenge.

19 thoughts on “My family and other animals

  1. I’ve yet to read this, though I’ve seen a few of the episodes in the recent tv series called ‘The Durrells’ which certainly play up the humour. Our son was on Corfu last summer, part of the film crew for the next series (he’s a grip, in charge of cranes and camera dollies and tracks) and reported it as interesting though too hot for him.

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  2. My son’s teacher is reading this to his sixth grade class. He is often bringing back anecdotes or new words he learned to tell me about. Great choice for your 20th century classic!

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    1. I’d like to see that one but it doesn’t seem to be available hear. Perhaps it will end-up on Netflix eventually. Until then I have ordered the second book in Durrell’s Corfu trilogy, so I look forward to that.

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  3. My Family and Other Animals is one of my favorites – I love how he intertwines his life with those of his surroundings. This is as it should be, no? Gerald Durrell is one of my favorite writers too ๐Ÿ™‚

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