Closing the books – 2019 edition

The geographical distribution (author’s country of birth) of my 2019 reading. (Guide on how to make this type of maps).

A year has ended which means that I once again get to use all the data that I have collected in my trusted reading spreadsheet during the year.

All in all it has been a good reading year, in total I finished 123 books in 2019 (118 in 2018 and 99 in 2017), 51 by a woman, 52 by a man and 20 by multiple authors.

Decade of first publication for the books I read during 2019.

As in the previous years books by authors from UK (46), US (33) and Sweden (11) dominated my reading, but I managed to read books written by authors from 22 countries (27 in 2018 and 21 in 2017). Although the numbers are down a bit from 2018 I am still happy with them as they indicate that even without the reading challenge I participated in in 2017 and 2018, I still keep reading fairly widely. Among books not originally written in English or Swedish, my favourites this year was The Good Shepherd by Gunnar Gunnarsson (Iceland), Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag (India) and The three-body problem by Cixin Liu (China).

Some other 2019 reading highlights have included:

2019 was also the year I rediscovered how much fun Science Fiction novels can be and I made heavy use of Baen’s free library to try new authors (their free anthologies are especially great for that).

I also got my first proper ex libris, which made me really consider what my physical books actually mean to me. 60 of the books that are most important to me now carry a bookplate and I plan to add ca 1 book per month to that number from here on.

Book blogging has also remained important to me, although I have been somewhat less active than in 2018. It is my primary place for bookish discussions so I am very happy for all of you who keep visiting and commenting, thank you!

Most visited blog posts in 2019

I wish you all a happy new reading year!


14 thoughts on “Closing the books – 2019 edition

  1. I have loved reading recaps, and yours was wonderful. I visited some of the posts you linked to.

    When we read the Little House in the Prairie, we wanted to make candy, but it almost never snows in Texas. My friend managed to keep a ball of snow in her freezer, hahaha.

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  2. Thanks for your encouragement to read more Jansson: having finished and enjoyed A Winter Book‘s selection of tales I’m now determined to try a Moomin book to see for myself a what the fuss is about. Well done with your mighty impressive reading this year, looks like your self-imposed exile from the worldwide web did wonders for your book consumption! πŸ™‚

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    1. It definitely did, at least my summer exile, I didn’t really manage to stay away during the rest of the year. But I read more than twice my normal amount in June and July so that was good.

      I look forward to hear what you think about the Moomins! The Summer Book may be my favourite but I love them too.

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