Month in review

Photo of a yellow tulip

Well, that was an intense month. After month after month of boring pandemic nothingness everything suddenly decided to happen at once. I had hoped that world would be allowed to emerge from from the pandemic without stumbling directly into the next disaster, but no such luck.

However, for me personally most of February has actually been really good; almost all the Norwegian pandemic restrictions have been lifted, including, to my great relief, all border restrictions (for me the stress of being cut off from my family has been by far the worst part of the pandemic), at work we are taking the first steps to start a new cool research project, and last, but certainly not least, we have just bought our first house.

The house is also the reason for my poor reading in February, I admit to having read little but glossy interior and garden magazines for the last month as I eagerly await our move and plan my new library (given the choice between dining room or library I obviously choose library). However, I hope that after the move, and in-between all the obligations I’m sure that house-owning entails, I will be able to spend some time reading in my new library, or even in the new garden (our current “garden” is a depressing piece of asphalt used for parking, so getting a real one is exciting).

I thus expect to be even less active than usual during the next few months, but I do expect to come back, perhaps with some photos of the library…

12 thoughts on “Month in review

  1. Congratulations on your house purchase, Johanna, such things are major life stresses however desired the move may be and the anticipation of settling in. Your loyal followers will still be here whenever you’re ready! As always let our mantra be “take care, stay safe, and be kind …”

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  2. Congratulations on the impending new library and I’m so, so happy to know the majority of the travel restrictions have finally been lifted for you. That fills my heart!

    And yes, no one ever needs a dining room when a library could be a thing.

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