Reading challenge – 6 months progress report


I decided to participate in the 30-20-20-10 reading challenge this year. That is, to read books from 30 countries, by 20 men and 20 women and from 10 different decades. The goal is to finish it this year but if not I will continue on the same challenge until I’ve finished it.

As I expected the easiest was the 10 decades goal. I usually mix old and more modern literature and had finished this goal already in late January. Currently I’ve listed books from 14 decades, with 2000-09 being the decade I’ve read the most books from (9), followed by 1920-29 and 2010-17 (5 each).

Reading books by both men and women is also going well. Currently I’ve read books by 19 women and 14 men so I expect to finish this goal too in 2017.

As I feared the countries have provided much more of a challenge. I’ve only read books from 12 different countries so far. UK dominates my list (18 books) followed by the US (8), Sweden (4), Finland (3), Russia, Belgium and Norway at 2 each and Denmark, Canada, Lebanon, Colombia and China with one each. Hopefully I will have read books from at least 20 different countries before the end of the year.

I like this reading challenge as it pushes me to read outside of my comfort zone but it may be a bit too ambitious for me. When I have finished it, whether it is this year or the next, I will probably chose a simpler reading goal with the same aim.

Best this year so far (only including first-time reads)

3 thoughts on “Reading challenge – 6 months progress report

  1. Wow, interesting challenge!
    Technically, you could split the UK up into different countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). If you want to add Australia to your list, Peter Carey’s worth checking out. Or how about a bit of Jules Verne for France (free on Gutenberg, too)?
    This has made me realise my reading’s far too UK/USA-based.


    1. It is a very interesting challenge but perhaps a bit too ambitious. When it is finished I think I’ll aim at reading one book from a country I don’t normally read from per month instead.

      Splitting the UK feels too much like cheating but Jules Verne is an excellent suggestion. I’ve enjoyed several of his novels in the past but have never read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, I should add it to my e-reader. Not having France on my list yet is especially annoying as I have managed to read three books set in Paris this spring but none of them by a French author.

      I hadn’t heard about Peter Carey, I’ll look him up, thanks!


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