Winter reading

Winter day

I thought that the spring was already here. The wind was warm, the sun shone and the snow only held on the higher mountains and in the most shaded spots. I should have known better, two days of heavy snowfall later and the landscape is white again (the photo was taken this morning). To get back into proper winter mood I decided to reread Moominland Midwinter (Trollvinter), my favourite winter book and one of the best Moomin books.

Moomin trolls are of course summer creatures who normally hibernate through the winters, but one year Moomin accidentally wakes up early from his winter sleep and thus becomes the first moomin troll to experience a winter. In moominland Midwinter we get to follow his explorations of the strange, cold, dark, lonely world he has awaken to. It is a bit of a bildunsgroman, with Moomin learning to adapt to and eventually enjoy his new environment, and a beautiful portrait of one of my favourite seasons. Perhaps the Nordic countries should just hand it to every immigrant from a warmer country to let them know what to expect?

As it is a Moomin book it is also filled with Tove Jansson‘s amazing characters. I know that it was first published in 1957 but I am sure that I have met most of them and some obvious relatives of Hemulen come by our summer cabin every year.

Paula at Book Jotter has written a more extensive review of Moominland Midwinter and is collecting reviews on Tove Jansson’s works in her Tove trove, go and take a look if you haven’t already.








18 thoughts on “Winter reading

  1. That’s a great idea, to give Moominland Midwinter to all immigrants (and tourists!)
    It’s one of my favorite Moomin books, with the darker, more mature themes already present, but not so strongly as in Moominvalley in November or Moominpappa at Sea (my all-time Moomin favorites!). And I do love how Moomin’s perspective on Groke changes here as a result of his general eye-opening experience.


    1. It may be my favourite Moomin book, although I’m also very partial to Tales from Moominvalley. I only read Moominpappa at Sea and Moominvalley in November quite recently so they are not yet as deep rooted in me as some of the others, but I could see them becoming favourites too after a few rereads…

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  2. This same thing happened to me the other day! I was on my couch, living the quarantine life, and I looked out the window. I saw flecks of snow in the air. While spring seemed to have arrived as it was really warm last week, the snow hadn’t been unusual for this week. What WAS unusual was the fact that it kept coming and was sticking to everything and before the sun had set I was looking at a scene very similar to your featured image. But then it melted…and now it seems to be coming back again. Hahaha, ahhhhh springtime :).

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      1. Yes! That’s it exactly! People always ask me why I live someplace where it snows when I can be someplace where it doesn’t. I like the snow! I think it can be gorgeous. I love the way it seems to muffle a day. I love seeing big white flakes swirling down as I sit on the couch under a blanket reading. Sure, it annoys me to clean off my car sometimes but if I hated it, I’d move. But I don’t! Yet you are 1,000,000% correct – one spring has started I’m SO ready for the snow to fade into a distant memory until next winter XD.

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