Once upon a time I used to write in a blog…

I thought I could try to ease my way back into blogging by posting some photos. Nothing much to see here (although I did have a good summer and finally reunited with my family), I’m just posting them in an attempt to get around my writer’s block. Hopefully my next post will be a proper one, possibly even about books…

19 thoughts on “Once upon a time I used to write in a blog…

  1. What Ola said! And I’m liking your photos, especially the first as it reminds me I have a study of ancient European rock art (including your example) in my collection for at least half a century which I only really dipped into without reading cover to cover. Warriors, sledges, domestic tasks, reindeer, horned shamanic figures…

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    1. Thank you! I had long wanted to see the rock carvings in Tanum, was glad to finally get a chance this summer, they were impressive! Took quite a few photos there, so they might show up in later posts, if I read something appropriate.

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  2. Welcome back! I always look forward to your posts and our conversation, my friend :). And I am also so, so, SO happy for you that you had a beautiful summer! I love that you gave yourself the time to not worry about blogging or anything and just be in the moment with your family. I have so much love in my heart right now for all of that. Yay!

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    1. Thank you! I’m also looking forward to more conversations with you! I have almost caught up on your blog, it is always an interesting read!

      I convinced my head of department that I might just as well have my home office in Sweden so I got almost 2 months “home” before I had to return to teach again. I needed that really badly, it’s been a bad year to be an immigrant in Norway.

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      1. My heart if so full reading this :). I am so happy for you! What a beautiful gift, especially after the trials, trauma, and emotional exhaustion of this year, to finally be able to be home. How wonderful!

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      2. It was really good of them, reminded me why I really like the place where I work, even though I don’t like that it is far from my family (although not that far during normal circumstances). It really stressed me out to know that last spring no-one from my family would have been allowed into Norway unless I was dying (for awhile they even blocked some foreigners who live in Norway). A wonderful summer back home and an easing of the border restrictions have done wonders for my stress levels. Are things looking any better were you are?

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      3. Yes, overall yes. Locally our case numbers are rising again and there’s this weird mix in America of the people who are vaccinated, wearing their masks, and being as cautious as possible alongside a) the people who don’t do any of that/say it doesn’t matter and b) people who are vaccinated and believe they are thus invulnerable to everything. But even that isn’t as bad in my town as it is other places. So the existential angst still weighs in the air but there are less restrictions and I am more comfortable moving more freely than I was this time last year.

        Teaching is exhausting again. It’s not as hard as it was last year and my feet feel a little more grounded. But most days still take more energy than I can put back in. But I’m finding strength where I can and leaning on my natural supports. So I’m good and, regardless of all that, I’m so much better emotionally as well as physically than I was this time last year.

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      4. I’m happy to hear that things are a bit easier this autumn at least. Here almost all the restrictions on schools and universities where removed in the early autumn and recently almost all the restrictions on general society were removed, so I’m no longer doing pandemic teaching, which is a relief. However, I’ve found my stress tolerance to be way lower than it used to be, I assume that is the lingering effect of all the stress the last year. Hopefully it will improve over time.

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      5. My tolerance is much lower, too! I think you’re right. I think it is an effect of the last year. I’ve read a lot of articles saying how everyone alive has experienced global trauma through this so, by extension, we’re all trying to figure out how to deal with that trauma. It’s a lot but I’m hopeful, too, we can continue to heal and get back to where we were or another new, bright sense of normal :).

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